I'm Back (Sat, November 16, 2002 3:53 PM) -psbryan

I'm back. Yes most of you are probably mad at me but I've been busy with school and couldn't go online much. My dad has been working late hours now and he gets upset if when he can't call me when he's at work or on his way home. Damn 56k ;-). I'll be gettin my dsl soon in January when a better dsl isp comes to my area. And those of you who have been living under rock, well. Episode 2 is out and i recommend you go get it. Ok well I'm back I'll post on the forums and update the site more often.


TERRIBLE TRAGEDY! (Tue, October 15, 2002 8:04 PM) -psbryan

The idea man himself had the greatest idea, and that was to create Grandor. Where would I be, what happen to this PA, would I still play swg? Robotconstructer quit Grandor simply sending me a message on ICQ today. I forgot to save it but he said, he doesn't want to play swg no more and he doesn't have the time. I would like to thank Robo though. Without him, this PA would go nowhere and in fact there wouldn't be a Grandor. I, the mayor of Grandor, still remain by its side as its best leader. Whatever it takes, I will never leave this PA until the day I die or swg 2 comes out :-)


HEY COOL!(Wed, October 23, 2002 12:45 AM) -psbryan

I advertised Grandor on the site called, Blade's Battlestation ( hosted site). It's pretty cool how people can find out our city easily by topic so check it out. Look for Grandor and click it to view more information. Cool huh?

GP sent me these cool pictures on how we'd imagine Grandor would look like. Here they are....

We'll continue to dream of our future city :-).


DEAD? UMM...NO(Tue, October 15, 2002 8:04 PM) -psbryan

We aren't dead, we are sleeping. No I'm just kidding. We have had many discussions over the forums and chats so we have planned a lot of our stuff. Look at all the new stuff we have on that warfare page. It's great! Lots of information on this site, and the member profiles, keep'em coming. The forums now are going a little slow now, so start posting. We have over 28 allies (GP tells me). He's writing up the list, so I'll post that right away when its done.

Speaking of our allies, we have gone into contact with a nuetral PA who specializes in trading and crafting. They could help our merchandise a lot. The army could use some good weapons or armor so we've had a discussion about alliance. You can download this discussion here. I will let you download more discussions when we have more conversations.

Another thing I updated is the warfare page with our new GAF write up, so check it out. We're still planning many things and I'm designing a new website for Grandor which will look pretty neat hopefully. So in other words, we aren't dead. Just busy, start posting on those forums. We have many members who havn't posted in our forums at all. Most of them will contact us when the game is released. Start advertising our site on the SWG forums too. I have much work to do on the new site and more planning.


More Profiles plus Warfare page(Mon, September 23, 2002 4:09 PM) -psbryan

There are many profiles that are really excellent and interesting! Keep'em coming and keep up the good work. I also posted a page on warfare and groups. It's more complex so check it out. Shows everything you need to know.


Profiles(Mon, September 16, 2002 12:52 AM) -psbryan

I am now accepting profiles, send them to me at my email address.
If you need an example go my profile. Post your text exactly like mine in my profile. I'll format it to look like mine. You'll have your own profile in no time!


GRANDOR POSERS(Thu, September 5, 2002 5:26 PM) -psbryan

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Oomg I can't stop laughing! You have to see their site for your self! I plan to take legal action if they do not take off this site! Look at it! It's a replica of ours! go there now and make fun of them on their forums or do something! LOL

LOL, More like fas at one don't you think? They copied another site too.


NEW SITE POST WHAT YOU THINK ON FORUMS(Sat, August 24, 2002 2:48 PM) -psbryan

I updated the site with some new colors and new links, post what you think on the forums, I will change it later on to a nice flash site!!! Also go to our diplomacy section to check out our allies or enemies.


MORE LAWS??? (Tue, August 13, 2002 11:04 PM) -psbryan

There are new laws to be discussed, about financial profits and taxes, very important so check it out now!
There is also more complex information about the taxes here. Look at the Economy seciton. Btw, I updated the information page BIG TIME! Pretty much everything you need to know about Grandor is there. Please read that before posting questions of Grandor in the forum!


NEW LAWS (Tue, August 13, 2002 6:54 PM) -psbryan

There are new laws for the people who thought the laws were not satisfying. I changed the laws so check them out now!


FORUMS ARE UP! (Mon, August 12, 2002 8:59 PM) -psbryan

The forums are up so start talking in there instead of the swg forums! Check them out!

Btw, I added a new page and the laws are finally made and a new member!

Heres all the laws approved by the coucil. If some aren't happy with some of the following laws you may tell us which one(s) you don't like and we'll consider taking them off depending on a majority of people saying the same thing or if we find it wrong too. Enjoy!

Post what you think about it in the forums, here.

Here's our plan as of now. Since the city will need lots of cash to keep it on it's feet in the beginning, it's best that we do not form the city until 3 weeks or so. That will give us time to level up our characters and at least get enough money to start creating buildings. The first buildings we should make should be mining facilities then move on to homes and shops. Mining facilities first so we can make some money. When the city is first made we will charge taxes because we'll need some cash in the beginning. It will probably be 1 thousand credits a week. After we have a steady flow of cash we'll stop charging taxes. It should only last the first month. If any emergency event comes (war, debt,) then we will charge taxes depending on the situation. Taxes will be rare.

Here are the laws finally made:

Heres all the laws approved by the coucil. If some aren't happy with some of the following laws you may tell us which one(s) you don't like and we'll consider taking them off depending on a majority of people saying the same thing or if we find it wrong too. Enjoy!

1: At a given time, or schedule you must report to the town hall if there is a meeting.

2: Smuggling is allowed!

3: Rebel Alliance and Neutral Forces only allowed in city, any spies or imperial people will be attacked.

4: Taxes will be made out when necessary. Nothing too bad, around 1000 credits a week. More if needed. We will apply taxes on the city for the first month, if an event comes up like a war then we will charge taxes again.

5: If we call out a city lockdown which we will say a code soomething like "the mammas are here" that could mean the imperials are here. You should immediatly go to the town hall and if you can't go to the nearest building if you aren't equipped.

6: All members of certain groups (GEO,GMS,DAS) must wear their patches or some sort of a badge to show who they are. Do not give your badge or patch to anyone!

7: Since we want to keep the city as peaceful as possible we won't allow guns or any other weapons to be equipped unless your part of a security force (DAS,GEO). This doesn't mean you can't have guns in your inventory, it means you can't have any guns on your hands or weapons unless your part of a task force.

8: Always help out allies or city members by using skills or give them stuff if you can, to help them. (Healing,minerals,buffs,items)

9: Failure to comply with any of the laws could result in ban, death, or a fine.

10: The laws may be changed any time.



NEW LIST (Mon, August 12, 2002 5:40 PM) -psbryan

I noticed that there were some people missing from the members list. A lot of people in the forums have been posting the current members which are wrong. I have updated the new one which you can view here. Please make sure you notice the new list. I was going to put this into a table format but someone was kind enough to do it for me. He's going to update it and then send it to me. I'll have that up asap. Thanks for reading my announcemnet. ;-)

BTW, Heres a new thread, the official joining and Grandor City thread. and we need to know what server location we should play at so vote here.


FEEDBACK (Mon, August 12, 2002 1:50 PM) -psbryan

Wow I didn't expect this much feeback from people! I worked on this site for 2 days and still people like it! Please e-mail me if you are working on forums for my site, I would be very happy. Quri wil be making our new site which will take at least 3-4 weeks or so, but until then this site will be up and running to make sure eveything is organized. I want to make sure no one gets confused and all the people who need help joining or anything else get the support they need in the forums. Check out these posts! This thread is about forums because we need someone to make them. This thread is about joining the city and my website. Remember that we need these forums a.s.a.p!


SITE OPENS (Sun, August 11, 2002 3:51 AM) -psbryan

Welcome to the website of Grandor! Grandor is a planned city for one of the most impressive mmorpgs called Star Wars Galaxies. This site is dedicated to those who want to join and who are alredy members of the city Grandor. Grandor was originally thought and planned by Jonas Grandt a.k.a his forum name, RobotConstructer. You may look at this site and say it's not the best but I'm no graphics designer, so if you want to some cool images on here that you made, send them to me. I would really like some feedback as this is a temporary site because as of now the city is unorganized and in desperate need of their own website. Over the past few days we have had a MASSIVE amount of people to join our city which is great! :-) Since the forum post was flooded you can still join through this website by emailing me or Jonas. Please report any broken links. To find out more info on our city go to the city info section where it shows most of the planned city info and the stuff we know about it now.

Btw, I need someone to make the site some forums since my webspace doesn't support cgi script.