This is where we post our future plans of the city that we are going to do most likely for sure.

Here's our plan as of now. Since the city will need lots of cash to keep it on it's feet in the beginning, it's best that we do not form the city until 3 weeks or so. That will give us time to level up our characters and at least get enough money to start creating buildings. The first buildings we should make should be mining facilities then move on to homes and shops. Mining facilities first so we can make some money. When the city is first made we will charge taxes because we'll need some cash in the beginning. It will probably be 1 thousand credits a week. After we have a steady flow of cash we'll stop charging taxes. It should only last the first month. If any emergency event comes (war, debt,) then we will charge taxes depending on the situation. Taxes will be rare.

Here are the laws finally made:

Heres all the laws approved by the coucil. If some aren't happy with some of the following laws you may tell us which one(s) you don't like and we'll consider taking them off depending on a majority of people saying the same thing or if we find it wrong too. Enjoy!

1: At a given time, or schedule you must report to the town hall if there is a meeting.

2: Smuggling is allowed!

3: Rebel Alliance and Neutral Forces only allowed in city, any spies or imperial people will be attacked.

4: Taxes will be made out when necessary. Nothing too bad, around 1000 credits a week. More if needed. We will apply taxes on the city for the first month, if an event comes up like a war then we will charge taxes again.

5: If we call out a city lockdown which we will say a code soomething like "the mammas are here" that could mean the imperials are here. You should immediatly go to the town hall and if you can't go to the nearest building if you aren't equipped.

6: All members of certain groups (GEO,GMS,DAS) must have a scroll or document officialy made by the council of Grandor that shows your identity like a license.

7: People complained about not having guns equipped. Many of you had great ideas to back up this law so the new law lets you have guns equipped.

8: Always help out allies or city members by using skills or give them stuff if you can, to help them. (Healing,minerals,buffs,items)

9: Failure to comply with any of the laws could result in ban, death(imperials or neutrals), or a fine.

10: People who have stores should pay sales tax once once a week to the town hall which is 10 percent of all profits. As for residential taxes, all people will pay their taxes to the treasurer, he will put a check mark on the person who payed, all remaining will be warned that they must pay within the next 2 weeks or will be banned from the city. (1000 credits a week isn't bad and the taxes are temporary. The first month of our city will charge taxes, if we need more cash we might add in another month of taxes. During war times we will charge taxes but even more to get supplies and make bases.)

11: We may change the laws during any time.