The Geo, Das, Gaf, and Gsf are special teams set up in our city Grandor to protect, fight, or even carry out special missions for Grandor. You may join these groups by going to our forums and the in the defense section. There you may get recruited. Anyone can. Here is our information on Geo and Das.

Grandor has 2 different forces for battleing. One for defense and the other for missions. The security force is known as the Defensive Agency Squad (D.A.S) will be conducting defensive patrols around Grandor using human controled guards, droids, and pets. They will also escort people if needed help and they are used as bodyguards too from bounty-hunters. The special tasks team that goes on missions ranging from espionage, stealth, assasination, stealing, etc, is known as Grandor Elite Operations (G.E.O.). Both groups may particpate in any kind of war that Grandor is in or a battle. Think of DAS as the cops and GEO as FBI or Navy Seals. In grandor the G.E.O club will give bounty hunter missions and regular missions as well. There is no jedi or bounty hunter group since jedi or bounty hunters and any other character with battle skills can join DAS or GEO. GEO will have many outposts or bases all over the galaxy. Now a newly added group called the GAF which is Grandor's Armed Forces. This team will be made up of members from GEO, DAS, or anyone with battle skills. This is if you plan to carry out PA assualts, train, and wage war or battles with PAs. This is a good offensive team as we really needed one. Join at Defense section in forums. Another group released is the GSF which is the Grandor Space Fleet. They plan to use vehicles to transport and fight for now until the expansion. Their group consists of many pilots already. Most of them will be Rangers for now.


Some info about warfare may be to private to put on this web page and can risk
our plans, strategies, and other info of our warfare. That kind of stuff is posted on
the member forums.

GEO would be split into 2 main groups, each consisting of about 15 member
when they are done. Each group has specialties that they focus on. This
makes GEO more efficient by having faster deployment times, and agents
will be much better concentrating on a few skills needed for their squad,
and will not need to have nearly as many skills that were required of
agents in the old way of GEO because maxing out a skill will be hard in SWG.

Having it split into 2 groups also makes the agents know each other a lot
better and will lead them to work a lot better together, resulting in
easier and more successful missions. It also helps build realationships among
agents that will help them work as a team on the battle field.
The two new groups would each specialize in a different thing, one group
will be great at escort, sting operations, full frontol attacks,
assasination, exploring etc. The other group will be great at
infiltration, stealth, espionage,recon missions. This lessens the load that GEO has to
undertake and makes it so more than 1 missions can be happening at a time.

The first group would be called Alpha, the second will be called Echo.
When refering to a group we would simply call them GEO Alpha or GEO Echo, or just
simply Alpha and Echo. Each squad would have 2 specific leaders. These
leaders and not their to push other agents around, but to direct agents
in combat and give advice and to for bonds with their agents that will
carry onto the battle field. The 2 leaders of each squad will be known as the
leaders of GEO, and although they never go on missions together, they
will often have meetings and represent their squad in town meetings. The
reason we want to change this is even if you have all your agents be super
elite and good, when people are under pressure, they panic, and with no
leader, nobody knows who to turn to, and this leads to chaos on the
battlefield, which leads to death, and failure.

As mentioned above, GEO will have a small chain of command, to train new
agents and to help give directions during missions. The leaders of GEO
will have titles in front of their names, for example, since I’m sure that
HermitJedi will be one of the leaders, for the sake of the example he
will be the leader of team Alpha. He will be known as Commander Kael
Phenerae, Alpha Squad. The leaders will be apointed by the government. Each
leader will have a second in command, whom they will apoint themselves. They
will be known as Colonels. Example 2: Colonel Keal Phenerae, Echo Squad. All
agents who are not a commander or colonel will be know as, Agent ____ ____,
Alpha Squad. Its simple enough.

This is too private only certain details may be displayed about it. This is a secret intelligence
agency that gathers info on certain stuff on PAs. The members and their plans are classified.
GEO IA stands for Grandor Intelligence agency. Look for my post on this at the member forums
as it will be up soon or perhaps now.

We will not only have Grandor but we will have many bases all over the galaxy. It's too private to
tell our location of these bases as they are more important than Grandor. I will explain these more
on the private forums. We will have base camps, space ports for our ships, intellegiance bases, bunkers,
depots, and more. They are just as important as Grandor because they are really important.

The GAF is the offensive portion of the Grandor Army. We set up offensive strikes on opposing PA’s and Imperial bases. The GAF has a ranking similar to today’s military ranks. The General (Arayan K’vass) will lead the GAF; which is spread into squads of 10-14 members each. Each squad will have ranks and a name. The first four squad group’s names are:
- Alpha
- Bravo
- Delta
- Echo
If needed be more squads will be added to accommodate our growth in numbers.

The ranking system goes as follows

Alpha Squad: Bravo Squad:

Major General Major General
Colonel Colonel
Major Major
Captain Captain
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
Sergeant Sergeant
Corporal Corporal
(2)PFC* (2)PFC*
(2)Private (2)Private
(2-3)Reserves** (2-3)Reserves**

* PFC stands for Private First Class
* Reserves are members of the GAF that are not mostly combat. These participants are regular “blue collar workers” that serve as craftsman, chef, entertainer, ranger, explorer etc. These people must have basic skills in combat to participate in the Reserves Program. This is so when the time is needed people who want to fight and help the GAF can with the help of their assigned squad when the time comes

I would like the highest officials to be specialized in combat such as:
Squad Leader
Terasi Kasi

And when the highest are filled with those professions then the specialized:
Combat medics
Combat engineers
Will be directly under them.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or you would like to sign up for the GAF Please send an e-mail to and in your e-mail please enclose your:

Ranks will be given at first come first serve basis until the game is launched and I can evaluate each person’s skills. Thanks.