Grandor is expected to be a large city in Naboo with over 40 members within the first 4 days and still growing! Grandor is for those who are the peaceful and non-criminal ones which is the rebel alliance who can only stay at this city. Neutral forces are allowed to enter the city, just not a part of it. What's so special about Grandor is the teamwork of the city. Everyone will help each other out by building homes or stores and even doing duties or protect us from evil forces. Grandor would be a peaceful place which is perfect to live in with its beautiful surroundings of Naboo. Naboo is one of the best planets around the galaxy, so Grandor will be a very special city. :-)

By working as a team we will be building mining facilities, shops, and other ways of making some money. People who have stores should pay sales tax once once a week to the town hall which is 10 percent of all profits, read more at town hall below. As for residential taxes, all people will pay their taxes to the treasurer, he will put a check mark on the person who payed, all remaining will be warned that they must pay within the next 2 weeks or will be banned from the city. (1000 credits a week isn't bad and the taxes are temporary. The first month of our city will charge taxes, if we need more cash we might add in another month of taxes. During war times we will charge taxes but even more to get supplies and make bases.)








The laws are in placed finally! Check it out.








Grandor has 2 different forces for battleing. One for defense and the other for missions. The security force is known as the Defensive Agency Squad (D.A.S) will be conducting defensive patrols around Grandor using human controled guards, droids, and pets. They will also escort people if needed help and they are used as bodyguards too from bounty-hunters. The special tasks team that goes on missions ranging from espionage, stealth, assasination, stealing, etc, is known as Grandor Elite Operations (G.E.O.). Both groups may particpate in any kind of war that Grandor is in or a battle. Think of DAS as the cops and GEO as FBI or Navy Seals. In grandor the G.E.O club will give bounty hunter missions and regular missions as well. There is no jedi or bounty hunter group since jedi or bounty hunters and any other character with battle skills can join DAS or GEO. GEO will have many outposts or bases all over the galaxy.





Keep in mind that Grandor does plan to have a transpotation service run by Ryan aka, ForceForcer. Transportation is a new job or role you can choose and in fact Grandor lets you be anything you want. Transportation could transport people with vehicles to places all over the planet for a fee which will be all the same price no matter what the distance is. They will also transport mail. For example, newspaper, important documents, and items. We will need the transporters also to transport us minerals from mining facilities and bring it to the town hall where we keep all mined minerals and cash from taxes. From there only crafters, miners, and architects can take out the minerals.





At the town hall, the laws, financial stuff, and pretty much anything based on Grandor is discussed here by chiefs of their groups and the politicianss. It's also the meeting place for the city members the mayor (me) needs to make an announcement to the people of Grandor. The town hall is also a bank where you can deposit and withdrawl stuff. All minerals from all mining facilities are placed here and the only ones who can deposit the minerals are crafters, miners, and architects. Tax money is also stored here and the only people who can take out money are politics, generals (to supply guns or armor), and architechts (with high architechture skills). Depending on what you take out, you will have to pay us 75% of the amount within a week.





You have permisson to set up mining facilities all over the galaxy. After your facility is at full capacity with minerals or you want to stop mining then ask for immediate transportation from one of our tranportation members to deliver it to the Grandor Town Hall or bring it back your self.

We plan to have monuments in our city as well as the most famous place I plan to run my self called Velton Bar which will serve great food and have the best musicians in town! Including a performance by me one day! Velton Bar will be a great place to hang out and theres more too. There will be plenty of shops too! We may have a Gladiator arena but its not decided yet.




If you own a bussiness you will be paid for selling some of our products, or even get cash for selling your products! By you starting a bussiness, your helping us by making our city more popular with our great bussinesses. But you still have to pay commercial taxes which is 10 percent of all profits you make in a week. Keep in mind that we won't start paying you until the second month of our city because we will need a good cash flow for our start of the city.